The Be Great Network is dedicated to teaching the youth of America the principles We stand for and what has made America the land of the free.    We believe in Freedom, Equality, Independence Acceptance of all, Respect of others, Love for all people regardless of Race, Religion or Political stance.   We want to teach our youth what has made America Great and that all starts with personal responsibility & core values.  If you purchase our products please take our Be Great Pledge that you will treat others with Respect, you will Be Great! Be Loving, Be Helpful, Be Honest, and that you will help us teach our most valuable resource (Our Children) that being Great starts with only one act of kindness, one act of showing respect, one act of Being Generous or one act of Being Grateful.  That in America you can start your own business, you can be anything you want Because you have Individual Freedom and individual choice.   In America it all starts with the individual rights.   We respect those rights and we are choosing to Be Great!.